8:30am Doors: Open Hardware Summit, September 19, 2015, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Doors open, light breakfast, coffee and check-in!

9:45 am Keynote

AnnMarie Thomas, Associate Professor in the School of Engineering, the Schulze School of Entrepreneurship, and the Opus College of Business at University of St. Thomas

10:15am Science and Education

Ben Leduc-Mills. Open Hardware, Open Minds: The Rise of Open Hardware in Academia and K-12 Education
Nancy Ouyang. The Rise and Fall of an Open Source Hardware Company
Jason Kessler and Jon Ruston. ULTRASCOPE: Automated Robotic Observatory (ARO)
Ryan Fobel, Christian Fobel, Michael Dryden and Aaron Wheeler. DropBot: an Open-Source Platform for Lab Automation
Joshua Pearce. Making Open Hardware the New Standard in Science
Hugo Boyer. Open Source Robotics Foundation and the Robotics Fast Track

11:15am Coffee Break!

11:45am Workflow: From Chip to Product

Eric Wilhelm. Autodesk’s Open Source 3D Printer
Sanket Gupta and Sam Wurzel. Common Parts Library
Andreas Olofsson. Open Source Chip Design: The Final Frontier
Mike Linksvayer. Open Source Hardware and Developments in Creative Commons Licenses, Compatibility, and Policy
J. Simmons. Demonstration of Open Source Engineering Analysis and Parametric CAD Modeling for OSHW
Michael Weinberg. Future of OSHWA

1pm Lunch (1 hour, 30 minutes)

2:45pm Case Studies: Projects and Processes
Kipp Bradford. Successfully Manufacturing your Open Source Hardware
Joshua Lifton. A Tale of Two Laptops: Case Studies in Open Consumer Electronics
J. Eric Townsend (aka jet). Foundation for a Common Object Description Language
Grace Ahn, Elizabeth Doyle, Myles Cooper and Michael Searing. Investigating Normal – Hacking Prosthetics
Bevan Weissman and Dan Beyer, New American Public Art. Dynamic Infrastructure for Social Innovation

3:30pm Coffee and Chocolate Break

4:00pm The Role of Open Hardware Going Forward

Benedetta PiantellaHumanitarian Open Source Tech Projects
Bruce Boyes. What the Wright brothers Can Teach us about Open Source vs Closed Source
Tega Brain and Surya Mattu. Unfit Bits: Free your Fitness Data from Yourself
Pedro Oliveira and Xuedi Chen. Open Source Riots – Appropriating Technologies for Protests of the Future
Tom Igoe
Speaking In Tongues and Catching Flies: OSH and Connected Devices
Dusytn Roberts and Addie Wagenknecht. Closing Remarks

5:30pm Social o’Clock: booze, snacks and filament


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