OHS 2015 Interactive Badge

by dustyn on August 24, 2015

Available for purchase at the Open Hardware Summit

Parallax is sponsoring OHS 2015 by providing their new Interactive Badges for all staff and speakers. The badges display your name and store your e-mail address in EEPROM – press the “open source hardware” touch pad in the middle and send your name and e-mail address over infrared to the person in front of you! Afterwards, connect your badge to a terminal program and download your contacts.  Parallax will have a number of C and Spin example programs ready for the conference – games, video, graphics and audio files can be loaded up.

To buy an Interactive Badge at the summit, bring $40 cash (save $10!) and we’ll program it with your name and e-mail or Twitter name on the spot. You’ll easily share your contact information with other Interactive Badge wearers and have a unique programming system with a customizable electronic identity after the summit. The Propeller Multicore hardware design, badge PCB files and code are all released open source.

No Interactive Badge – no problem! Every attendee will receive a paper badge, badge holder and lanyard, so it’s not necessary to buy an Interactive Badge if you don’t want to.

See you at the Open Hardware Summit!

Ken Gracey, Parallax Inc.
Twitter: @ParallaxKen


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